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Bringing the Taste of Home to You

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Li Da Foods™ was borne out of a conversation between two friends. One wondered why the other never pursued her passion beyond cooking and baking for family and friends. That was the catalytic moment Rita Zahara needed to push an idea and a simple passion into reality.

Li Da Foods™ is set to bring forth the best of the Asian palates to the rest of the world. With our unique recipes passed down from three generations, anyone can get a taste of home cooking, wherever they are.

Li Da Foods™ shows how dreams can turn into reality. All you have to do… is act on your dreams.

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AMGD is a Singapore-based food startup who believes in revolutionising the world by making it easy for everyone to eat delicious, healthy meals. With just a few simple clicks, you can order our AMGD meals and create a new lifestyle by eating right.

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Li Da Kitchen

At Li Da Kitchen, our dream is to bring the taste of authentic home-style Asian cooking to you, wherever you may be. With intimate recipes passed down through three generations and lovingly refined at every step, busy executives on the go can now have the best of Asian cuisine anytime of the day.
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Che Zahara Bakery

Featuring ‘Healthier Choice’ Asian desserts with reduced sugar, Che Zahara Bakery’s original recipes have been carefully handed down through three generations. Our vision: To create delightful treats for the young and the young at heart, while preserving the heritage of Malay cuisine with modern food techniques.

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